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Meet Fabio, a student from Brazil

When I arrived in New Zealand, my intention was to stay here only six months. I was here to study English, and travel a bit. Then I ended up doing a master’s at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, and now I’m doing my PhD.

Initially I didn't know exactly what I want to study, but I knew I wanted to study something related to water quality. My supervisor Tom was a key influence in my career because it started with a phone call – I called him and I was like, "My name is Fabio, I’m Brazilian and I would like to do my master’s in water quality. I am seeking help or guidance." And so the next week we had a meeting.

“I plan to take the knowledge and the skills I've gained here in New Zealand back to Brazil and work to improve the water quality over there, not just for me or my children but for future generations.”

It is totally worth the money and the effort to come and study in New Zealand because the quality of education here is great. Teachers and the staff they're always there to help you out.

And the English - when you learn something in another language it is much harder but in the end it makes a huge different in our life and career. I wouldn't be able to have this love of English, studying English in Brazil.

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