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World-class education

All eight of our universities are in the top 3% in the world. They lead the way through academic excellence and personalised learning.


A better CV

Our qualifications are recognised and respected globally. 
A New Zealand education opens doors to successful careers around the world.


Feel safe

We're the world's fourth most peaceful country (Global Peace Index, 2016). Study in a peaceful, politically-stable country with some of the world's lowest rates of corruption.


Unbeatable lifestyle

Improve your work/life balance and experience our stunning nature. Enjoy a new adventure every day.


New way of learning

Learn to ask questions and think critically. Our teaching style offers practical, hands-on learning.


A warm welcome

New Zealanders are welcoming, friendly and respectful of other cultures.It's easy to make friends in our inclusive, multicultural society.


Learn in English

Improve your workplace-relevant English language skills.


Work while you study

You may be able to support your studies with paid work. A part-time job gives you valuable experience of the New Zealand workplace.


Great package for PhDs

If you're a PhD student, you'll pay the same tuition fees as New Zealanders. You can also work full-time while completing your studies.


Gain life skills

Studying in New Zealand is an opportunity for personal growth and development. You’ll set yourself up for a successful future.

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