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Real-world learning in New Zealand

For Chinese mother Huang Jing, coming to New Zealand has given her son a chance to enjoy a more relaxed style of learning.

“My son is very creative and has his own ideas. In New Zealand, he can be himself. I can see the real him here,” says Jing.

Jing and Yang Fengting, also known as Chicco, moved to New Zealand a year ago.

Chicco, seven, is studying at Kelburn Normal School in Wellington. Jing, who was a university lecturer in China, is a visiting scholar in applied linguistics at Victoria University.

Jing says the differences she has found in the New Zealand education system include smaller class sizes, more group work, more school trips outside the classroom, less homework and more freedom of choice for students.

Learning in New Zealand is not just from books. It’s very important for children to experience the real world, not just study knowledge.

“My son is very relaxed and happy here. He has made lots of friends, plays sport, walks to school by himself and is very proud of being able to speak English,” she says.

“Both of us look healthier in New Zealand because of the food and the clean air and the happiness.”

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