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Travel Sickness

Travel Tips and Getting Sick

Travel Tips

I’ve been trying to plan out my break trip lately. I’m almost positive I’ll be missing a week of classes (oops) and going on a Kiwi Experience bus tour all around New Zealand (the North and South Island) for 3 weeks! I’m super excited and I even bought a Camelbak bag for hiking, I’ve always wanted one but never really had a reason to spend that much (I got a nice one for 50% off, wahoo bargain shopping).

I think what I’m excited the most about is that I’ll be going outside of my comfort zone and doing this adventure by myself. The main reason I’ve always wanted to study abroad is to really find myself, and I figured no better way to do that than to backpack a foreign country solo for 3 weeks! I’ll definitely meet people along the way, but it’s nice to know I’m doing this for me and nobody else. Just typing about it is getting me all excited!

Getting Sick

On a more negative note, everyone has been getting sick recently due to a mixture of traveling and constantly being busy, so it’s my turn now. It started with a runny nose, then the sore throat came, and now I can’t stop coughing (no fun). I bought some cough drops but ended up borrowing medicine from my friend who got me sick.

It’s almost midnight here and I know I need sleep in order for this cold to pass but the coughing is keeping me up, so I figured I’d blog a bit to hopefully make me pass out. On the bright side, I’m finally learning not to waste things (like cough drops) and to use them when they are really needed!


By Emma McDonough FaucherUS Study Abroad Scholarship Student

Updated 2 years ago

Emma is from Castleton in the state of Vermont in the USA and studied at Victoria University in Wellington on a Generation Study Abroad Award. Emma wanted to study abroad her entire life and New Zealand had been her goal. “Māori culture was one of the things I especially looked forward to learning about.”

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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