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My New Zealand High School Experience

Francisco Shim, from South Korea, shares what it was like to study at Sancta Maria College in Auckland.

Being exposed to a completely different environment is always difficult. It was for me.

Going to a new school for the first time was daunting. However, the first day of school exceeded my expectations and was where I first experienced how awesome Kiwis are!

The teachers and students were so friendly; they were the first ones to approach me and introduce themselves. The thing I loved most was that the students were genuine, they weren't being told what to do but were acting of their own free will.

High school fun

This was where I first experienced how awesome Kiwis are!

I loved the nature and the environment of New Zealand. Perfectly blue skies everyday with so much green everywhere, compared to the busy and populated city life back at home, it was a total change for me.

I also loved how school encouraged students to participate in different sports and balance study with good health. We don’t see students playing sports after the age of 15 in Korea. I really loved playing soccer (I still don't call it football) and I was able to play for my school here.

But the thing I loved about it was that the students were genuine... That helped me so much to adjust to life here.

blog student high school friends

I can undoubtedly say that my high school experience has been one of the best memories of my life!

I was very fortunate to be chosen as an International leader. I worked with other students and teachers to help other international student. It was difficult at first because they were intimidated by their new environment and the language. However, I understood and could empathise with them, which helped them overcome these barriers quickly.

It feels like yesterday that I came to New Zealand and now I have graduated. Time flies. I can undoubtedly say that my high school experience has been one of the best memories of my life! 

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By Francisco ShimSouth Korean High School Student

Updated 6 months ago

Francisco Shim, from South Korea, arrived in New Zealand in 2014. He came to New Zealand to finish his high school studies, believing that studying here would offer him a heightened learning experience (both inside and outside of the classroom). He has since graduated from high school and has pursued tertiary studies in Auckland. "Awesome experience so far and can't wait for more!".

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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