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Study filmmaking where films are made

Movies like Mortal Engines give graduates the opportunity to work on big blockbusters. Will you be next?

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Launch your film career by learning from a world-leading industry

Discover how New Zealand's world-leading filmmaking courses give you unique access to the film industry.

Gain the skills the industry wants

Learn the skills you need on world-leading creative courses, developed alongside industry to be the most relevant education for your future career.

"My course directly prepared me for the work I'm doing now. The pacing and the technical challenges were very similar to what I'm facing now and daily life on the job"
Christopher Dean | Mortal Engines VFX Director | Master in Computer Science, Victoria University of Wellington
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Use the best tools, guided by experts

Learn with teachers who have genuine links to industry, using the same facilities and equipment that you'll use in the real world.

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Be challenged creatively to be your best

New Zealand's open and collaborative teaching style encourages you to push the boundaries of your innovation and creativity.

"I liked that we had a lot of creative freedom. We weren't just told what to do and how to do it, we were given the space to solve problems and make mistakes and grow."
Courtenay Tokorangi | Mortal Engines Assistant Set Dec Painter | Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, Unitec Institute of Technology
motion capture
oscar perry

“I really like the fact that Victoria University is doing things a little differently as far as really specialising in digital design. Future forecasting all the time as well, figuring out what’s going to be big.”

Oscar Perry | Mortal Engines Assistant Props Designer | Bachelor of Design Innovation, Victoria University of Wellington
christopher dean

"I had a really great experience here. I found the programme challenging, compelling and the resources within the film community here in Wellington were outstanding, and well, here I am." 

Christopher Dean | VFX Director at Weta Digital | Master in Computer Science, Victoria University of Wellington
anika van vliet

"The motion capture lab is incredible, you would never have access to that outside of university. Cameras and the software, including all the lecturers there, you learn so much from." 

Anika Van Vliet | Mortal Engines Junior Technical Director | Digital Design, Auckland University of Technology
christian rivers

“It’s a testament to the skill, talent and imagination of New Zealand crews that they are able to completely fabricate these other worlds that have never been seen before. Our crews are extraordinary.”

Christian Rivers | Mortal Engines Director

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