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hero Tuan Hoang Nguyen2

Thriving in a new environment

Tuan chose New Zealand because of its "clean and beautiful environment, safety and security, high quality education system and friendly people", and is glad he took the opportunity to further his studies at the University of Canterbury.

"Moving to a new country with a different lifestyle seems slightly overwhelming at first. Nevertheless, with an extremely welcoming international student team, I feel safer and more comfortable than ever."

Tuan’s Business Information Systems studies have been driven by a number of different motivations, and he has enjoyed the unique style of the taught master’s courses at university, thriving in the mix of independent and hands-on learning.

I love to explore new things and the field of Information Systems is changing rapidly...

"The internships as part of our study are fully supported by the University and the fact that they are sponsored by IT firms in New Zealand, provides us with the best experience and give us wings to pre-determined career dreams."

Outside of study, Tuan has become immersed in the social side and community at university, a part of his experience that has helped the transition into a new environment.

Tuan Hoang Nguyen, Viet Nam, Master of Business Information Systems

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