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Leading the way in cyber security

New Zealand’s educational ranking brought Mohammad Bany Taha from Jordan to the University of Waikato to study cyber security.

“If someone said they graduated from a university in the US or UK, you would have to know which one to know how good it is. But all New Zealand universities are high-ranking.”

He has already published a paper at a high-profile cyber security conference that even his professors back in Jordan have not had papers accepted for.

When we go for job interviews, we will be able to say we have the degree and have also published in high-ranking conferences.

Mohammad says the cyber security students work as a company, which prepares them to fit right into the workforce.

“The relationship between professor and student here is very easy and friendly. When I arrived in New Zealand I called Ryan ‘Dr’. He told me, ‘That is the last time you call me Dr - I am Ryan.’”

Mohammad Bany Taha, Jordan, Masters’ by research degree in Computer Science, specialising in cyber security

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