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Lindsay Wickman pic science2

Quality research attracts US student

Master of Marine Science student Lindsay Wickman chose to study at the University of Otago because of the quality of its research and teaching staff.

“I knew that research on the conservation of marine mammals was very good here - my advisors are world-renowned, so I chose the university because of them,” says Lindsay, who is from the US.

The study of marine science is very practical and hands-on here. We spend more time planning and completing scientific experiments than we do going to lectures. Otago has very good boats and equipment - I’ve been out on a boat at least once a month.

“In the US internships are often extremely competitive and unpaid. Personally, I found it easier to find a paid internship and it was definitely a highlight of my work experiences so far.

“As much is asked of me at work here as in the US, but in a less pressured way - it's a more relaxed atmosphere. And many weekends I’m still able to get out to the peninsula or the hills.”

Lindsay Wickman, US, Master of Marine Science

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