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Reaching a higher level in food science

Kristine Ann Sotolo, from the Philippines, completed a Master of Science specialising in food science at AUT.

She is now a science research specialist in the food processing division of the Industrial Technology Development Institute in the Philippines.

Kristine says studying in New Zealand helped her reach a higher level in her work.

It was a great experience for me. I appreciated AUT’s small classes and supportive lecturers, and the facilities and equipment were very sophisticated.

“My lecturers and supervisors also encouraged me to successfully publish an article about my work in Molecules, an open access organic chemistry journal.”

Being able to explore New Zealand was a highlight of her time here. “I love nature and New Zealand is a beautiful country. I really enjoyed travelling all over New Zealand on weekends or during the holidays.

”I loved staying in the university accommodation and my Kiwi roommates helped me with learning the local culture."

Kristine Ann Sotolo, Philippines, Master of Science, specialising in food science 

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