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Balancing work and study

Indian PhD student Chhaya Chaudhary has been able to offset the cost of her studies by working in the examinations office of the University of Auckland.

“My manager taught me how to manage the exams and arrange everything for the students. Now I can conduct exam supervision by myself,” says Chhaya, who was drawn to New Zealand by the strength of its research in her specialist area, marine science.

It is a good job, and I can fit it around my studies. The people I work with are very professional but also very nice and easy-going.

“I work for about 10 hours a week, which is good because I don’t want my work to hamper my PhD studies. I try to keep a balance between my PhD and my work.”

Chhaya says it has also been helpful that international PhD students pay the same fees as New Zealand students.

Chhaya Chaudhary, India, PhD in Marine Sciences

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