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Misu Fashion

Students supported to develop their own style

New Zealand’s high-quality education system and multicultural society drew Thai student Kamonchakrie ‘Misu' Sae Hung to study design in New Zealand.

Now in her second year of studying for a Bachelor of Design (Hons) majoring in fashion design at Massey University in Wellington, Misu says she is enjoying New Zealand’s practical style of learning.

Massey design students spend most of their time in studios, workshops and media labs, and at least two-thirds of their classes are hands-on.

“I’d never sewn before I came here, so I like how we’re able to learn new techniques and to make our own stuff,” says Misu.

“My lecturers support me to develop my own style and are always happy to answer my questions.”

Misu has also become a huge fan of Wellington.

I love Wellington so much. I’ve been to many places around New Zealand, and Wellington is perfect - not too quiet and not too busy.

“I like the outdoors, and I like shopping and hanging out in town with my friends.”

Kamonchakrie ‘Misu' Sae Hung, Thailand, Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Fashion Design

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