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hero Hanh Nguyen

Building confidence through internships

Hanh Nguyen’s appreciation for structures began with a degree in Architecture back home in Vietnam. Now graduated from the University of Canterbury, she is satisfied she made the right decision to further her studies and hopes to one day connect her two areas of expertise.

"I love everything about buildings. I think the process behind any building being built up and in function is amazing and I want to be a part of it, either as an architect or an engineer.

"My specified area is Structural Engineering. I enjoy the quality of teaching in New Zealand. In my department specifically, I am really happy that I was able to learn from very qualified lecturers and professors who were always willing to give me support with my study."

Since graduating from university, Hanh has been working as a graduate Structural Engineer in Christchurch, a role that she felt was a natural progression following her studies.

Both of my internships during the summer increased my interest and contributed a lot to my confidence...

"The time I spent working as an intern in an engineering firm during my study gave me good experience into what an actual engineering firm is like and the day-to-day work of engineers. Both of my internships during the summer also increased my interest in my studies and contributed a lot to my confidence."

Hanh encourages others considering studying in New Zealand to step out of their comfort zone and experience a new environment.

"After studying here and comparing my experience with some of my friends studying in different regions of the world, I find that one advantage of being an international student in New Zealand is that I had a better chance to merge into the culture and improve my English."

Hanh Nguyen, Viet Nam, Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Civil Engineering

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