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Creating a career in the film industry

Deep Chahal’s studies in New Zealand have set him on the path to achieving his dream - directing his own movie.

Deep moved to New Zealand from India to study graphic design at ACG Yoobee, but as his English wasn’t yet at the required level his tutors suggested he sign up for an animation and digital video course instead.

“Once I began learning 3D software, I discovered I was pretty good at creating stuff. I realised that was the direction I should be taking,” he says.

Deep did so well in his studies that he won both the best technical artist award and the best overall award at his graduation.

“I learned so many valuable things at ACG Yoobee,” he says.

I developed skills using different software, such as Maya, Zbrush and Mari, plus life skills like patience, time management, teamwork and how to meet deadlines.

Deep now has an internship at Yukfoo Animation, an animation facility and production company in Auckland. In the evenings, he works with a partner on developing a 40-minute film.

“Moving forward makes me happy,” says Deep. “One day, I’m going to make my own feature film.”

Deep Chahal, India, Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics

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