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Student builds on knowledge

As a lecturer at the Banking Academy of Vietnam, Lucy initially decided to do postgraduate study in New Zealand to build on her knowledge and become a leading expert in the Banking Risk Management subject.

"The challenge in this career is that I am required to be not only proficient in advanced theories but also be able to apply appropriate knowledge and modern models to consult the management boards of commercial banks about strategic planning and effective management," she says.

"With Vietnam being a developing country, it is difficult to acquire the relevant knowledge about internationally standardised practices because of the lack of literature and data resources, so I decided to come to the University of Canterbury.

A great opportunity to study in a professional learning environment...

"The university has a wide range of courses that fit my career goals, it ranks in the top 100 universities worldwide for Accounting and Finance, and it is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world — the South Island of New Zealand."

Lucy felt honoured to win the New Zealand ASEAN Students Award to study here.

"I would like to thank the New Zealand government for offering me a great opportunity to study in a professional learning environment and discover this beautiful country," she says. "New Zealand treated me really well."

Wanting to ‘give back’ for the opportunity, Lucy took part in the University of Canterbury mentoring programme, helping new students settle in, and also represented the university in the ASEAN Student Voice event. Sharing experiences with friends and speakers, she was able to see the value of the New Zealand-ASEAN relationship.

"We international students make homes far away from our own homes by building relationships. The youth of today is the future of our countries, so the close friendships between ASEAN and New Zealand students could help develop close partnerships between our countries in the future."

Lucy Dao, Viet Nam, Master of Commerce in Finance

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