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An easier way of living

Indonesian tourism student Dini Mariska decided to study in New Zealand after speaking to graduates of the Otago Business School course.

“The alumni recommended New Zealand to me. They said I’d be able to study in a relaxed environment with an easier way of living, and with friendly people who are accepting of other cultures and religions”, she says.

Having now studied in New Zealand, Dini says she’d give the same advice to other international students.

I would encourage other Muslim friends to study here. There is a mosque near the university, and this is a safe place to live as well as a good place to study.

“The international office staff are very helpful and approachable. They make me feel at home here.”

“A Kiwi friend and her father served me halal meat when I went to eat at their house. They didn’t ask me if I needed halal meat – they just did it for me. I think Kiwis are very concerned about other people’s feelings.”

Dini Mariska, Indonesia, Master of Tourism, Otago Business School

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