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Taking knowledge home to benefit Bostwana

Agribusiness student Kgolagano Mpejane aims to take the skills and knowledge he learns in New Zealand back home to Botswana.

Kgolagano came to New Zealand on a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) scholarship after working as an intern on land tenure and farm workers’ rights projects in South Africa for the Foundation for Human Rights.

He had previously been in charge of agricultural intensification projects for Botswana’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Now studying at the University of Waikato, Kgolagano says he enjoys the practical style of New Zealand’s education system.

“We have the privilege of visiting agribusinesses and key industrial players to understand how they operate, and we attend public lectures and conferences to learn about other aspects of business,” says Kgolagano.

We’re even offered the chance to become members of different professional bodies, so we can use their resources, networks and training opportunities.

Kgolagano has made many friends in New Zealand, and finds Kiwis friendly, welcoming and always willing to help. “This is a place of comfort,” he says.

After graduating, Kgolagano plans to return to Botswana to contribute to its social and economic development, and to help alleviate poverty.

His ultimate goal is to become Botswana’s Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Kgolagano Mpejane, Botswana, Master of Management Studies, mastering in Agribusiness

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