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Change your future, change the world

If you're an independent thinker who wants to make a real impact on the world, discover why you should study in New Zealand

Make an impact

Think differently and do things your way. Create the future you want in a society that values fairness, equality and new ideas

“The old ways of thinking aren’t really working when it comes to solving some of the biggest problems facing our marine environment. I know I need to forge a new path if I want to make a difference”
Alexandra Lischka’s research will help people better understand connections between the marine food chain and human health.

Gain skills for the future

Learn to think critically, collaboratively and globally – the skills you’ll need to thrive at work and build a better future

Solve real-world challenges

Take your learning outside the classroom and into the world. Be inspired to turn your knowledge into action

“I’m learning skills for life. My supervisor encourages me to think critically. Rather than simply tell you, they arm you with knowledge and urge you to find the answers yourself.”
Enzo Reyes’s goal is to save the Floreana Mockingbird, a species of seabird endemic to the Galapagos, which could otherwise be lost forever.
Ragavan Rajan Testimonial

“I feel more confident now, like I can fly out to any part of the world once I've finished, walk into any interview and nail the interview session.” 

Ragavan Rajan | Ragavan Rajan | Master of Information Technology, University of Waikato

“People with dyslexia tend to be good at seeing the bigger picture and getting creative about finding ways to do things. I’m super grateful for New Zealand’s practical, hands-on style of education, which really suited me.”

Adriana Christie | Adriana Christie | Bachelor of Business (Honours), AUT

“Ultimately, I plan to take the knowledge and the skills I've gained here in New Zealand back to Brazil and work to improve the water quality over there, not just for me or my children but for future generations.”

Fabio Cabral Silveira | Fabio Cabral Silveira | PhD, University of Canterbury

“Students help each other out in their different field areas, and we come up with different ideas. The students sometimes solve a problem I can't solve. We all work together.”

Professor Kathleen Campbell | Professor Kathleen Campbell | Geologist, Paleoecologist and Astrobiologist, University of Auckland
Student Testimonial Maribeth Jadina

“I feel like I’ve grown and changed as an individual and a researcher here. I’m excited to be learning new things in New Zealand and gaining knowledge that I can take back home.”

Maribeth Jadina | Maribeth Jadina | PhD, Lincoln University

“The lecturers turned the classroom into a virtual business environment. We were encouraged to do our own thinking and come up with our own opinions. It’s a very good way to learn.” 

Carson Duan | Carson Duan | Master of Entrepreneurship, University of Otago

“As a teacher, I'm preparing these students for a rapidly changing future.”

Dr Faith Kane | Dr Faith Kane | Textile Design Lecturer, Massey University

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