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Working While you Study coffee

Voluntary work leads to part-time job

Voluntary jobs led Thai student TK Sirawit Pattanacharoenkit to find part-time work while studying abroad in New Zealand.

TK volunteered at a cafe at the Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS), where he is studying for a Bachelor of Hospitality Management. He also helped out at two quiz nights at a community centre.

Having the voluntary roles on his CV helped him land casual work at the ASB Showgrounds, where he works as a barista and in food preparation.

as you study voluntary jobs tk testimony

They are really nice to me at the showgrounds and my co-workers are very helpful.

It’s important to balance work and study, but I enjoy working and it is good to get work experience. I want to do a Masters’ at the University of Auckland after this, so I will be looking for part-time work in management for my next part-time job.

TK Sirawit Pattanacharoenkit, Thailand, Bachelor of Hospitality Management 

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