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Work and study in New Zealand

Getting a part-time job while you study can help you pay your
living expenses, meet new people and gain valuable
experience of the New Zealand workplace.

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Learn more about working while you study

Working while studying can be a good way to gain New Zealand work experience and help support you while you’re studying abroad.

Gaining experience of a New Zealand workplace also helps you develop skills such as communication, teamwork, timekeeping, interpersonal skills and workplace-relevant English language skills.

Balance your work hours with your study obligations, so your academic performance isn’t compromised, and remember that some scholarships set limits on the number of hours you 
can work.

as you study benefits of part time work

New Zealand has a wide range of industries that offer part-time and casual work.

Some educational institutions also offer students part-time work teaching, tutoring or carrying out administration duties.

Paid internships are a way of gaining industry experience and networking with people in your field of study. Carrying out voluntary work in New Zealand can also be a great addition to your CV, giving you useful experience of the New Zealand workplace.

as you study work opportunities

Many students use services like Student Job Search or career events on campus to find part time work.

Others find success by walking into shops, cafes or restaurants with their CV and asking if there are any jobs available. If you have worked in your home country, it may be helpful to ask your employer for a written reference that you could show to a potential New Zealand employer.

Your education provider may offer assistance to help you learn job-related skills such as writing CVs and preparing for an interview. You can also find tips on our international student support website, NauMai NZ: Get a part time job

as you study finding work

Shriniva Khedekar, a University of Auckland student from India, works part-time while studying for a Master of Engineering Studies in Construction Management – and still finds time to play cricket.

as you study employment rights 1

International students have the same legal minimum rights and entitlements as anyone else working in New Zealand.

These include your right to be paid at least the minimum wage, paid annual and public holidays, and rest breaks.

employment rights

If you have a Student Visa you may be able to work:

  • Up to 20 hours a week during term time
  • Full-time during scheduled holidays

If you are a Masters by research or PhD student, you may work full-time.

To check whether you’re able to work while studying, visit Immigration New Zealand's website.

Hear from international students working part-time

Your work rights while studying

Student visas

If you have a Student Visa you may be able to work:

Up to 20 hours a week during term time

Full-time during scheduled holidays

Masters and PhD

If you are a Masters by research or PhD student, you may work:

Full-time during term time.

Full-time during scheduled holidays

Hospitality, retail, agriculture and tourism are among the main sectors offering part-time work in New Zealand. These websites may help you with your job search.

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