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A new adventure every day. Live and work in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand, and you’ll gain a world-class education, work skills and the experience of a lifetime.

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Friendly and welcoming, New Zealand is a natural playground full of opportunities for unique experiences. Learn more about working while studying, where to stay, the cost of living and the best places to visit.


Be treated fairly - New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the world.
Source: 2016 Corruption Perception Index.


Be free - New Zealanders have the most freedom in the world.
Source: Canada’s Fraser Institute and Germany’s Liberales Institute


Beat the crowds - New Zealand is about the same size as the UK or Japan, but with only 4.4 million people.


No capital city in the world is further south than Wellington.


The kea, a New Zealand alpine parrot, is one of the world’s smartest birds.

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