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Why i selected NZ

Making an Informed Decision

My partner is an adventurous person who wanted to travel around the world and live outside the Philippines to discover different the culture, food, and people. However, I was not as confident.

I didn't know how it felt to live in another land. Actually, my partner wanted to go Germany for a scholarship and to work, leaving me in the Philippines, which I didn't want to happen. Immediately after she told me about her great plan, adrenaline rushed to my brain and pushed me to think of an alternative. 

I consulted with my friends around the world from Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, and New Zealand. They told me that New Zealand is the best place to live and to raise a family as it is a very family oriented country.

At the time I was attending University Ateneo De Cagayan which is the best University in the Philippines. I consulted our faculty, professors, and I even asked for advice from our Vice President of Academic Affairs about where the best place to live and study is. They said, study in New Zealand and build your career there. They told me it is very safe, quiet, very clean, and a good place to study further. New Zealand is also the best place to raise a family.

What outstanding feedback from my friends and from well-respected people!

Marc De Guzman Making an informed decision Snowy Mountains 680x510

Me and my partner in New Zealand

I researched more about New Zealand. I even went to a licenced immigration consultancy firm, which was referred to me by my mentors, to discover where the best place is to live, build a career, and to take a family. They pointed to the same pathway as my mentors; to study and ultimately live in New Zealand!

This is why I ultimately chose New Zealand from all other places of the world. It ticked all my boxes. It is a green and beautiful country with so many outdoor adventures. New Zealand has good people and is an awesome place to study.

"My partner and I wanted to have access to continuous learning in a place that is safe and fun and universally accepted."

My partner and I wanted to have access to continuous learning in a place that is safe and fun and universally accepted. Hence why we also chose to study together here in New Zealand.

We have made a very good educational investment and it's something that we are very proud of.

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By Marc Edward Calvez De GuzmanFilipino Graduate Diploma Student

Updated 4 years ago

Marc is from the Philippines but has recently moved to Rotorua New Zealand with his partner. He is studying for a Graduate Diploma in Applied Management - Business Strand Level 7 at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology.

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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