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Bay of Plenty Bush

Living in the tourist capital of New Zealand

Toi-ohomai Institute of Technology (located in Rotorua, New Zealand) was introduced by its school representative in the Philippines which made me felt connected and knowing that it is a government owned institution I felt secured.

The tuition fees are relatively high compared to my second choice which is in Auckland but still I grabbed it because of its location (tourist capital), cost of living (relatively low compared to main cities) and work opportunities.

Studying here is relatively easy and straightforward compared to my home town which made it a conducive place for learning. All student tasks and assessments are prepared and ready to view online. Having this kind of educational system made it easier for me to prepare myself for class.

jenny 1

My Urban Adventures

Toi-Ohomai have a student timeline, class resources, and course marks in one website which made me more connected to my academic progress, tutor, classmates and school personnel. Their services are excellent because the institution always secure the safety of its students and they make it sure that every international student must have this sense of belongingness to the school and the community.

I've been to Tekaha, New Zealand for camping and fishing along with my partner (also my classmate) and few of my local friends. I had so much fun!

My Final Tips for those considering coming to New Zealand

  • You must have a "Can do Attitude".
  • You must know how to cook your own meals.
  • You must know how to blend in.

By Jenny Cahulogan

Updated 27 days ago

Jenny Cahulogan decided to study Rotorua because it is the tourist capital of New Zealand and the cost of living is relatively low compared to other cities.

*Views expressed are the blogger's own


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