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what to do on arrival nz

Kia Ora! What Happens After Your Arrival

Now that you’ve arrived take some time to get over your jet lag. Take adequate rest for a couple of days and get acclimatised to the weather in New Zealand. After all, you have travelled to a place close to the South Pole!

Once you’re up and running here are some things to consider to help you settle in.

1. Orientation

  • Get up to speed with how things happen at your university. Most universities have comprehensive orientation programmes so check them out once you’re here.
  • You’ll also need to get used to the study environment – New Zealand focusses more on a practical study culture than you may be used to.  

2. Get work ready

After settling into your accommodation, apply for an IRD (Inland Revenue Department) number. Most employers will ask for this number so that they can legally employ you. And now, thanks to technology, it is easy to apply for your IRD number online rather than going to a post office (like it was a couple of years ago).

Check out the following link for more information:

http://www.ird.govt.nz/forms-guides/number/forms-700-799/ir742-nonres-offshore-individu al.html

Now it's time to get your CV ready in the New Zealand way:


3. Apply for jobs

There are various portals through which you can apply for part-time and full-time jobs listed below:

There are many others, but these are the trusted few!

Also, to improve your chances of getting a job, why not just drop-in to see potential employers…

Kiwis are a relaxed lot, so don't worry if you don’t receive a reply straight away. Stay calm for a couple of days, then start bugging them again!

4. Volunteer

New Zealand is a very small country. If you burn bridges with one individual, it is quite likely that you may have also burnt your relationships with more than half of the country!

It is very important to be involved in voluntary activities so that people get to know you. And most importantly, you get to work on your soft skills. Because, no matter how far technical skills will take you, soft skills are equally as important!

Volunteering activity will also help you to get referees for your CV as New Zealand companies prefer references for their applicants. So, if Kiwis advocate for you, there is nothing like it!

Some websites that will help you get involved in voluntary activities in Auckland and elsewhere include:

5. Get Involved

Equally important are your socialising skills. Try to get involved in university associations and clubs and other activities near your university campus. This will further enhance your CV for future employment (if you really want to get that job!).  

Some sites which will help you get involved in events apart from your university ones are:

These event meetups may well be very useful because this is often the place where you might meet your future better half...or your future boss..or where you'll make lots of future friends!



By Neeraj NambiarIndian Scholarship Student

Updated 1 year ago

Indian student Neeraj Nambiar is is an Education New Zealand Scholarship recipient. Neeraj is studying for his Masters in Engineering Management at The University of Auckland. He chose New Zealand because of its "highly advanced educational institution ranked in the top 100 in the world."

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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