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student story Alicia2

Meet Alicia, a student from Indonesia

I'm learning English with a Certificate of Foundation Studies in Auckland. Then I want to do a Bachelor of Commerce and have a career in International Business and Accounting.

The teachers really support us and there’s a big community of international students.

New Zealand’s the best place to learn English because you’re surrounded by it. When I graduate, my English will help me work anywhere.

What I love about New Zealand

It’s a beautiful clean country, so much fresh air and heaps of places to visit.

The people are really cool. It’s completely different to Indonesia, but I love my new Kiwi home.

Trying all the new food is fun. There’s all kinds of ice cream, and fish & chips, which you wash down with L&P (it’s a Kiwi drink).

Watch the video above to spend a day in the life of Alicia.

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