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business natasha chevtchenko

Gaining work experience through internships

Natasha Chevtchenko, from the Republic of Belarus, is looking forward to a business internship organised by her institution, the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec).

“We’ll be able to work in local companies and gain experience,” says Natasha, who is studying sales and marketing.

“Wintec has links with industry, so students aren’t just learning theory – you’re going into industry and practicing your knowledge. Employers will be able to look at our papers and see who we’ve worked for here.”

Natasha also appreciates the New Zealand style of learning.

Back home you have to make notes during lectures and memorise textbooks. If you don't do this, you fail. But here you listen and discuss. In New Zealand it’s important to start thinking: to use your brain.

“My tutors expect me to say what I’m thinking, not just what is written in textbooks. It’s great – it’s freedom!”

Natasha Chevtchenko, Republic of Belarus, Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing

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