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Tips from scholarship students

Tips from Scholarship Students

Do you have a scholarship, or are you interested in applying for one? Four scholarship students share their thoughts on gaining a scholarship to study abroad in New Zealand.

"I was working on a whale-watching boat in Iceland when I started the application process, and it seemed very difficult to get everything done. It might be tempting to hold off applying for a scholarship because it's such a lot of work, but it's worth trying."

Hendrik Schultz, Germany

Hendirk Schultz is studying seabirds for his PhD at the University of Auckland. Hendrik gained a New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship.

Dustin Flores, from the United States, is a student teacher specialising in English language arts. He was placed in a Hamilton high school by the University of Waikato, and gained a Generation Study Abroad Award.

“Have a strong purpose for studying abroad. For many, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Be open and embracive of a new culture, and most importantly have fun! New Zealand is awesome, and why not have an extra couple thousands of dollars to help further your education and sense of adventure?”

Dustin Flores, USA

Annalisa Palmer, from the United States, studied photography, fine arts and linguistics at Massey University in Wellington. Annalisa gained a Generation Study Abroad Award.

"Don't spend so much time on social media talking to your friends back home. Get out of your flat and actually talk to people face to face—that's the best way to make friends.”

Annalisa Palmer, USA

Jiayan Lin, from China, is studying for a Doctorate of Philosophy in applied linguistics student at the University of Auckland. Jiayan gained a New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship.

“Studying in an English-speaking environment is a good way to improve your English. New Zealand is an immersed environment, so learning English takes place every day, everywhere. Everyday English is different from textbook English, and I am learning to speak English idiomatically.”

Jiayan Lin, China


By エデュケーション・ニュージーランド

Updated 11 days ago


*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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