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Skydiving in Taupo, New Zealand

Skydiving in Taupo

A New Zealand adventure is simply not complete without something extreme like skydiving.

With that said, I went skydiving in Taupo. Taupo is home to the largest lake in New Zealand and has some of the most incredible aerial sights. I think a weekend is enough to experience everything Taupo has to offer. First up: Skydiving.

I can’t express how incredible it was to jump out of a plane from 12,000 feet and not feel fearful at all. I was not nervous for some reason. I think knowing I was strapped to somebody made me comfortable. In a strangely philosophical way, working with people is the best way to overcome your fears. Anyway, as we were ascending, I was just in awe of the scenery. New Zealand is just unlike any place I have ever seen. We were lucky the day was beautiful, sunny and bright. I felt comfortable nestled and strapped in to my tandem master. He gave me gloves for the cold wind we would be enduring and made sure I felt safe. It was all very quick and intimate. Then again, that’s how New Zealand makes you feel too.

As soon as it was time to jump, I just followed his orders and tucked my legs under the plane to get in form. Then he pushed my head back and we just fell off the side of the plane. Jumping out was surreal. We saw the huge, glistening lake below us and greenery on all sides. I felt the wind whipping me in my face, keeping my smile in a messy pullback. I could feel my eyes tear up and instantly dry up from the wind pushing against me. They say the fall only lasts for a few minutes, but I felt like I was up there for such a long time. I just wanted to take in all of the beauty. It was nothing short of amazing. I did my own little remix of the video they gave us/ I bought at the end.

This is my version of my Skydive Taupo experience. Music is not mine: Her (Studio live ver.) by WHOwho(후후)

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By Phillomina WongUS Study Abroad Scholarship Student

Updated 2 years ago

Phillomina is an American broadcast and digital journalism student who studied at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and had a Generation Study Abroad Award. She is fascinated by the changing face of the media and how it can affect people and ideas. 

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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