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Keep up to date with New Zealand’s study options.Keep up to date with New Zealand’s study options.


Our world is changing. We need new ways of thinking and learning. We need to solve the challenges of the future, while never forgetting about the importance of people. A New Zealand education is uniquely designed to help you reach your full potential – whatever tomorrow brings.

Kaitiakitanga: Caring for people and place

In New Zealand, we talk about “kaitiakitanga” - care for people and place. During the COVID-19 crisis, New Zealand took decisive action, making the hard decisions today so that we can create the best tomorrow – both for the people already in New Zealand and people like yourselves who we hope to see in the future.

Kaitiakitanga weaves not only through our day-to-day living but also inspires and informs our education system. It’s one of the many reasons why a New Zealand education can prepare you for the future.

The benefits of a New Zealand education

Gain a future-focused education

New Zealand is ranked the #1 English-speaking country in the world at preparing students for the future.

Study at world leading institutions

All New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 3% globally.

Be ready for a global future 

New Zealand qualifications are recognised worldwide.

Planning your studies while the world has shut its borders

International travel is difficult right now, but you can still prepare yourself for an international education.

While we all work hard to control COVID-19 and re-open once again, we hope you'll take the time to plan your future New Zealand education, or look at the options that allow you to start your education while you're still in your home country.

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