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University of Auckland Commonwealth Scholarships

Purpose of award

To support a student from Canada or the United Kingdom to enrol into a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy or an approved Doctorate degree at the University of Auckland.

Selection criteria

Selection will be based on academic merit, the proposed area of research, and the ability of the University to provide adequate supervision and access

to resources.

The Scholarships are tenable by students who are Canadian or British citizens and who are eligible to undertake doctoral study at the domestic rate.

Number of awards offered

One or more, as determined annually


Up to $25,000 per annum plus healthinsurance and fees at the domestic rate

Tenure of award

A Scholarship shall be tenable for a maximum of thirty-six months for a PhD candidate. The exact tenure will be stipulated by the Scholarships Committee on a case by case basis as awards are made.

A six month extension of funding may be granted on application to the Scholarships Sub-Committee.

Closing dates for applications



General Information

How do students apply?

Please note, Scholarships usually open for application approximately 6 weeks before the closing date.

Applications for these Scholarships must be made through the appropriate organisation in the Scholar's home country on the Commonwealth Scholarship application form.

Closing dates vary and these should be sought from the appropriate organisation in the Scholar's home country.

Information available from http://www.universitiesnz.ac.nz/scholarships/commonwealth-doctoral


Additional information

To comply with full-time study requirement in Regulation 2, the amount of additional and paid work a Scholar may undertake either inside or outside the University may not exceed a total of 500 hours per scholarship year. A recommendation from the Scholarships Sub-Committee to the Immigration authorities for a variation to the Scholar’s student permit will be required before any appointment can be made. Any fee payable for a variation to the student permit is the responsibility of the Scholar.

A University of Auckland Commonwealth Scholarship may not be held concurrently with any Postgraduate Scholarship awarded by Universities New Zealand unless the University of Auckland Council so approves. However, it may be held with any other study award or grant where the regulations for that award or grant permit and where the University of Auckland Council so approves. If the value of co-tenured scholarships exceeds $35,000 the emolument for the University of Auckland Commonwealth Scholarship will be reduced to limit the co-tenured stipend total to $35,000.


The University of Auckland

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Visit the provider's website

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