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PhD Scholarship Chemistry - Cancer Vaccines

Purpose of award

The chemical methodology adopted will utilize a variety of modern techniques. These include the use of self-immolative linkers, chemoselective conjugation methods including strain promoted alkyne-azide cycloaddition (SPAAC), utilization of a PEE-G endrimer scaffold and solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). The conceptual design incorporates multiple copies or either 1 or more tumour-associated antigens (TAAs) covalently attached to a dendrimer scaffold that also includes the covalent attachment of an immune adjuvant (Figure 1).

Selection criteria

The project will assess if increased antigen-loading is beneficial for vaccine efficacy by comparing dendrimer generations (G1-G4) etc.

Number of awards offered



Full stipend of NZ$25,000 per annum plus fees for three years.

Tenure of award

One scholarship is to be awarded for three years.

General Information

How do students apply?

New PhD applicants should complete the PhD Admission and Scholarship application online available from http://www.victoria.ac.nz/fgr/ prospective-phds/applying.aspx clearly indicating they wish to apply for the Cancer Vaccine’s Scholarship.


Additional information

The project is funded through the prestigious MWC scholarship programme and accompanied with a full stipend of NZ$25,000 per annum plus fees for three years (students will be responsible for payment of the student levy and international insurance if applicable).


Victoria University of Wellington

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