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University of Canterbury Masters' Scholarships

Purpose of award

To provide for a living allowance and tuition fees, each to a value determined by the Council.

Selection criteria

An applicant must have met the academic requirements for enrollment in the relevant thesis, dissertation, research project, creative work or performance by 10 December for those who apply by 15 October, or by 17 July for those who apply by 15 May.

Candidates may apply once only for a Master's Scholarships for the same degree.

Number of awards offered



Current value is $12,000 per annum, plus tuition fees ( NZ domestic rate)

Tenure of award

One year.

Closing dates for applications

The scholarship is available in two rounds each year. Applications close on 15 May and 15 October.

General Information

How do students apply?

Application forms are available approximately 8 weeks before applications close.

Commerce Ring-fenced Scholarship Guidelines


Additional information

Every offer of a scholarship will lapse if it is not accepted in writing by 15 February in the year following application for those who apply by 15 October, and by 30 September for those who apply by 15 May.

Every scholar must take up the scholarship by 31 March in the year following application, if the student applied by 15 October, or by 30 October if the student applied by 15 May, although in exceptional cases the Academic Board may extend these times by a period not exceeding six months.


University of Canterbury

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

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