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New Futures Need New Paths

If you’re an independent thinker, studying in New Zealand could give you the freedom to explore your passions and create a more successful future.

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Study at a New Zealand school to develop your interests, explore new subjects and gain skills for the future. No matter what path you choose, you’ll be given the care, support and inspiration you need to succeed.

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New Zealand schools encourage students to ask questions, collaborate with others and solve problems, rather than memorising information from textbooks. You could gain an education that gives you the skills to make a real difference in the world.

Yang 1

Secondary school in New Zealand is about developing your own skills and strengths. You’re encouraged to ask questions, and the teachers really do care about you.

Yang Xiao | studied at Onslow College, Wellington

New Zealand planted a seed of wanting more for myself, a little plant that I have watered with desire and that has led me to where I am today.

Ana Maria Angel Lis | studied at Rangitoto College, Auckland
Linda Chong

Students today will go into jobs that don’t necessarily have conventional pathways, and it’s important that they’re not afraid to fail. It’s about giving the girls freedom to learn without fear of failure.

Linda Chong | Head of the Centre for Innovation at St Margaret’s College, Christchurch

From my own experience, I’m able to tell parents that New Zealand does a great job of preparing students for the future.

Hannah Vu | studied at a secondary school, South Auckland

Real-world projects help children develop confidence, critical thinking, problem-solving, resilience and the ability to collaborate with others. Those are the skills that all the big global companies want in their employees. Our students get a head start by developing them early.

Marc Rowlinson | Teacher, Northcross Intermediate, Auckland

Studying in New Zealand is the best decision I’ve ever made. It made it more clear to me what I want to do in life, who I am and what I value.

Marte Rolvsjord | studied at Roncalli College, Timaru

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