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Give your child the experience of a lifetime

A guide for parents considering New Zealand as a study destination for their child.

Give your child the opportunity to gain a world-class education, make lifelong friendships and learn new ways of thinking.

The flexible, supportive New Zealand education system gives students the skills and experience they need to succeed anywhere in the world.

Students gain the ability to work well with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and learn English by living it - not just by learning it from a textbook.

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New Zealand is ranked one of the most peaceful and least corrupt countries in the world.

We have a high standard of living, clean air, a healthy lifestyle and quality food and accommodation.

Homestays welcome students into a Kiwi family, while institutions provide pastoral care to help students feel happy and well-supported.

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Studying in New Zealand is an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Gaining skills such as punctuality, time management and confidence help students to become successful and independent adults.

Your son or daughter can experience another culture, have new adventures and make lifelong friendships in one of the world’s cleanest, most beautiful natural environments.

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The New Zealand education system’s practical, hands-on learning style gives students a head start in the workforce.

Graduates gain internationally-recognised qualifications and valuable personal skills such as the ability to think critically, communicate well and lead a team; a well-rounded combination valued by global employers.

New Zealand universities and other institutions have a high graduate employment rate, and students may be able to work here after graduation.

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Hear from parents

Making new friendships, becoming part of a Kiwi family, learning to surf - students studying abroad have experiences they’ll remember forever. Read parents’ stories of their children’s adventures in New Zealand.

Prepare your child to study in New Zealand

Here are a few points you’ll need to consider before your child embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Find a school or other educational institution, or talk to your local education agency

  • Complete the visa requirements

  • Budget for course fees and living expenses

  • Arrange insurance

  • Choose accommodation. Options include living with a family in a homestay, flatting or a hall of residence (hostel)

  • Book flight tickets

  • Decide how to stay in touch. If you’re not coming to New Zealand with your child, familiarise yourself with communications tools such Skype and WhatsApp

  • See these tips for the first few days in New Zealand

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