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Life at University of Canterbury

I started my studies at the University of Canterbury International College (UCIC), a separate education provider for new international students.

I took the Foundation Studies in Information Technology as I was interested to study Computer Science at University of Canterbury (UC). The UCIC Foundation Studies is comprehensive, high quality and teaches everything you need to know when studying at UC, including how to find and use journal articles, how to do citation and references, and etc.

After studying at UCIC, I continue my studies at UC, where I will be studying Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am privileged to be taught by very experienced lecturers and from around the globe (such as USA, Germany, India, Japan, UK, Korea and Malaysia to mention a few) and of course, great Kiwi lecturers which made the education at UC truly a world standard. In addition, most of my courses require the assignments to be done in teams. This allows me to gain firsthand experience in working with other people, a very important skill to have in the ICT industry. I also had the opportunity to work with kiwi students as well as overseas students from various countries. This allows me to learn and appreciate cultures and traditions from all walks of life as well as acquiring a global mindset.

Apart from studies, UC has hundreds of awesome clubs. I am constantly active in partaking in various club activities. I am currently involved with 5 clubs and in some clubs, I am holding important roles in the committee. Through club activities, I gained priceless experience as well as learning new skills every time. It also acts as a platform for me to be involved more with the local community and establish a deeper bond with the people. 

Arron bong

By Aaron Chin Yit Bong Malaysian International Student Ambassador

Updated 9 days ago

Aaron Chin Yit Bong, a student from Malaysia, is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science at University of Canterbury, Christchurch. He loves the people in New Zealand and feels they are they are very kind and understanding. He had plenty of help from the people to assist me him in his studies and familiarising him with the city.

*Views expressed are the blogger's own


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