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My Maps of New Zealand

My Maps of New Zealand

My name is Mario Karner and I am 25 years old. I grew up in a small village in Austria called ”Kliening“, a really nice place in the mountains. One of my greatest pleasures is going back to visit my friends and family. When I am not at home I love to travel and this year I have been to New Zealand.

In New Zealand I was based in the "coolest little capital in the world" – Wellington. Wellington is such a lovely city with so many opportunities to celebrate your free time. A lot of live music, a lot of art, heaps of cool bars and cafés and the most important thing: nice and friendly people! I studied English at the Campbell Institute and was in a homestay with a family – the time there was amazing.

There were so many great places to explore, it was just unreal.

After finishing my studies I travelled around New Zealand. There were so many great places to explore that I decided to create the following maps of the North and South Islands to help show other people where to find things they are looking for in a very simple way.

north island

North Island

South Island

South Island

mario karner

By Mario KarnerAustrian English Language Student

Updated 2 years ago

Mario Karner grew up in a small village in Austria called Kliening – "A really nice place in the mountains." He studied English language for 5 months at the Campbell Institute in Wellington. After finishing his studies he travelled around New Zealand – "So many great places to explore, it was just unreal."

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