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Business management courses & programmes

Develop the skills and knowledge to have a successful business career that contributes to a strong and dynamic economy.

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Why study business or management in New Zealand?

Kick-start your business career by studying abroad in New Zealand. You’ll gain internationally-recognised qualifications and the practical skills to transform existing businesses or start your own.

Leading academics will support you to think critically, develop your own ideas and relate them to real-life business situations. You’ll carry out project work in industry, network with business leaders, and take part in internships, study tours and business competitions.

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Stay safe by choosing New Zealand for your business or management studies overseas. Friendly, welcoming and inclusive, New Zealand is ranked the second most peaceful nation on Earth.

Our relaxed lifestyle encourages you to balance your studies with time off to follow your interests and explore the country. New Zealand has it all, from beautiful natural environments to vibrant modern cities – without the crowds.

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Working while studying can be a good way to gain New Zealand work experience and help support you while you’re studying abroad.

Student visa holders may be able to work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during scheduled holidays, depending on their programme of study. Masters by research or PhD students may work full-time throughout their studies.

You can find out more about working while studying on NauMai NZ website.

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Business or management students in New Zealand gain a world-class education and globally-recognised qualifications. They develop vital capability skills such as flexibility, teamwork and project management; learn to be effective in multicultural and Western business environments; and develop strong networks of contacts.

If you want to stay here after graduating, New Zealand is a great place to do business. It was ranked first out of 190 countries on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index in 2019, third out of 180 countries on the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom in 2020, and 19th out of 140 countries on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index in 2019.

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Study pathway

Business and management qualifications range from certificates and diplomas through to a Bachelor of Business or a Master of Business Administration. There are also many opportunities for postgraduate study.



  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6
Bachelor of Business or Commerce, with a wide range of majors
A Bachelor of Business or Commerce, with or without Honours, is a three or four-year business degree offered in a wide range of majors.
Graduate Diploma and Certificate in Business or Commerce
Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates are designed for people who have an undergraduate degree and want to develop further business skills and knowledge.
Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate in Business or Commerce
Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates provide an advanced education in specialist business areas.
Master of Business or Commerce, or of Business Administration
A Master of Business or Commerce allows you to learn more about your chosen subject area and carry out independent research.
A PhD is the highest tertiary honour. It involves writing a thesis - a major piece of research - over three to five years.

Agradecemos à Futureintech, que promove carreiras em tecnologia, engenharia e ciência.

Jobs involving business or management include:

  • Entrepreneurs generate business ideas and commercialise these ideas into new products or services.
  • Human resources advisors are responsible for staff and personnel matters in an organisation.
    Human resources advisor
  • Policy analysts gather and analyse information to help with the planning, development, interpretation and review of government or industrial policies.
    Policy analyst
  • Public relations consultants plan and develop information to promote an organisation’s reputation.
    Public relations consultant
  • Project managers manage the strategic, financial, operational and technological aspects of projects.
    Project manager

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