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Life at Lincoln university

Life at Lincoln University

A key part of the bubbly and progressive Lincoln University is the people. Since day one, I have felt welcome and a part of Lincoln. I knew basically no one when I first moved here from South Australia, but jumping in at the deep end feels worth it now that I’ve discovered such a great bunch of friends.

Given that it's an agricultural based university, most students are off farms from across New Zealand. Each student has a laid back, good fun attitude – making the typical Lincoln student great value. Clubs and committees have also been a great way to meet new people. Programmes such as the Study Abroad Club and CEISA are really helpful in getting to know other fellow international students.

My strong Australian accent was talked about most in initial conversations but after a bit of expected teasing the true awesomeness of Kiwis came out; their sense of humour and abundance of 'mateship' made me feel at home straight away.

I've spent most weekends out exploring my new home with mates and the scenery has been unreal. You are never more than thirty minutes away from a place that will make your jaw drop. Hiking, skiing, hunting and swimming have been just a few personal favourite activities!

There's so much to do and see and, even after two semesters, I feel like there's a lot more left for me to explore in the serene South Island of New Zealand.

Bungy jumping in New Zealand

Bungy jumping, Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown

Tips for work/life balance

Although late night study sessions suck, they are a part of university life! It's therefore important to get the balance right between studying and enjoying yourself. Whether that be through having a few drinks with your mates at the local bar (The Famous Grouse for Lincoln students), or maybe exploring, meditating or whatever, my key tip would be to keep your physical and mental health as top priority. You're no fun if you're buggered from studying all the time! Or going out all the time...

Try and find that happy medium sooner rather than later, so you can get into a rhythm for the remainder of the year.


Arthur's Pass, Canterbury

Has it been worth the move?

After being a proud Aussie (Australian) for 19 years of my life, I would be proud to call myself an adopted Kiwi!

It’s not always been easy and I’ve sometimes felt homesick. But, at the end of the day, everyone has moved from home to study at Lincoln University so there are hundreds of others to chat to who are experiencing the same emotions. I know that I’ve also got my supportive family and mates back in Adelaide if I really need them.

If I hadn’t made the move to Lincoln I would be wondering for the rest of my life what it would have been like. I’d recommend anyone to give it a crack, as I bet you’ll have a blast just like me.

It’s definitely been a pretty mean ride so far!

Camping on the West Coast

Camping on the West Coast, near Haast


By Mac ThomsonAustralian Undergraduate Student

Updated 4 years ago

Mac Thomson is from Adelaide, South Australia. He is studying for a Commerce degree at Lincoln University, specialising in supply chain management and global business. Mac is stoked to have made the move to New Zealand, “I’ve loved the generosity of the people, the unreal scenery and the progressive nature of university classes.”

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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