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Why Every International Student Should Join a Club

Depending on where you are from, you might already be familiar with clubs at your university. If you, like me, don’t know clubs from home, let me explain why you should join one or more clubs during your study abroad in New Zealand.

A club at Uni is normally organised by students and has a specific topic. There is usually a wide and diverse range to choose from, topics can include for example politics, academic, arts and all kinds of different sports and hobby activities. Do you play basketball? Join the basketball club! Love political discussions? Have a look at a debating club! Maybe there is also a club for international students, that connects you with other students who study abroad. If that’s not enough of a reason for you, here are three very good reasons to join a club:

1. Meet new, and likeminded people

Nobody likes to be alone all the time. So, join a club to meet a lot of people who share an interest with you. Clubs related to your area of study can also help you to meet fellow students who may already have experience in the courses you take.

2. Learn to do new things

If you always wanted to try out a new hobby, here is your perfect opportunity. Learn how to dance the haka or to kayak roll, it’s up to you. Most clubs organise events for beginners that give you a good start.

3. Save money

Of course, you'll want to do a lot of cool activities while you are in New Zealand. Some clubs offer great opportunities to do trips for a lower price than what you would normally pay. For example, I did my scuba diving certification and went on kayaking/rafting trips for way less money than what it would usually cost.

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You can even start before you come to New Zealand by having a look at the club lists on the website of the university of your choice. Some universities (e.g. The University of Auckland) also have a club exposition week at the start of the year, which gives you the opportunity to directly talk to club members and join clubs.

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By Marvin StüdeGerman Scholarship Student

Updated 2 years ago

Marvin studied at the University of Auckland in New Zealand for one semester as a New Zealand Scholarship recipient. He is a German Masters student in Engineering, specifically robotics. He chose New Zealand to study because it offers great opportunities to enhance practical knowledge in engineering while also being a great country to travel and for outdoor activities.


*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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