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Where to find Vietnamese food in Wellington

I know what you are thinking, but it’s not it. The proper pronunciation for Phở is: [fəː˧˩˧] or [fo] and it is one of my all-time favourite Vietnamese foods.

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Phở is a traditional Vietnamese soup, topped with beef or chicken and garnished with basil, spring onion, mint, sawtooth herbs, and some add-ons: Black bean sauce, chilli sauce, fish sauce, lime, etc… It takes hours, even a whole day, to perfect the taste of Phở, but only 5 – 10 minutes to eat and even faster to order again!

So what does it take to find a good Phở in Wellington? It took years of dining out and tons of dirty dishes before I finally found Nam Restauranta tried-and-true place for Phở, the best Phở in years!

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Back home, though different regions have different kinds of Phở, here in Wellington, it doesn’t matter at all, a good Phở is a good Phở! Phở is not just a national cuisine, it’s a taste of home and is enjoyed by people everywhere, including babies, and yes even babies eat Phở sometimes.

So, wanna try some Phở? There are 8 Vietnamese restaurants in the Wellington CBD alone, and all of which serve Phở. Stop by any one of them and let us know your favorite. In case you struggle with the pronunciation, don’t worry, restaurants know what you’re talking about.

Some popular restaurants include:

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By Hien NguyenVietnamese Graduate

Updated 1 month ago

Originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hien Nguyen is a graduate from Victoria University where he majored in Strategic Management, Project Management, and Marketing Strategy.

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