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Travel tips Cape Palliser NZ

Tips for Travel and Entertainment

Indian scholarship student Neeraj didn’t have all the information available in one place to help him prepare when he was planning to study abroad. So, he's put together a series of four blog posts based on his experiences which he hopes will become a one-stop shop for potential students thinking about coming to New Zealand. This is the fourth, and last, in the series.

After all the serious stuff about studying and working, it is finally time for the most important part of New Zealand. Travel and tourism! Remember, for all the fun stuff, it is best to carry your Student ID card, because there are lots of discounts available.

  1. Transport. When you first arrive, apply for a discounted AT (Auckland Transport) Hop card using your student ID card. This AT Hop card will help you travel on buses and trains – you'll be asked to swipe the card when you hop on and off. Go to https://at.govt.nz/athop to apply.

  2. Movies. Event cinemas are the largest chain of cinemas throughout New Zealand. Your Student ID card will give you a discount to watch movies at very affordable rates!

  3. Travel to the most scenic destinations in North and South Island. Every part of N ew Zealand is worth travelling to. But some not-to-miss sites are: (No descriptions because my words will fall short, just some images to entice… once you visit, you'll be able to describe them in your own words!)

    • Cape Palliser
    • Hokitika Gorge
    • Mount Maunganui
    • Waiheke Island
    • Hobbiton
    • Abel Tasman
    • Cathedral Cove
    • Rotorua
    • Milford Sound
    • Queenstown

After seeing all these beautiful places…

I assume, rather, I am sure that New Zealand will be the best country to take you out of your comfort zone to study in and explore equally! 


By Neeraj NambiarIndian Scholarship Student

Updated 2 years ago

Indian student Neeraj Nambiar is is an Education New Zealand Scholarship recipient. Neeraj is studying for his Masters in Engineering Management at The University of Auckland. He chose New Zealand because of its "highly advanced educational institution ranked in the top 100 in the world."

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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