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Graduation Day at Otago Polytechnic

Graduation Day at Otago Polytechnic

One impressive day in New Zealand!

Last year, I was invited by my cousin Angela to her graduation ceremony, to celebrate her graduation from Otago Polytechnic. I’ve studied in Dunedin for about two years and I have watched a few times previously. However, this was the first time I had joined in a graduation parade. That grand and solemn graduation parade was exotic and impressive. 

Graduation in Dunedin

At the start, all graduates and families gathered together and waited for traditional Scottish bagpipes to play. I could feel the fever mounting as  I stood with them. All of them yelled their slogans powerfully. People, who were along the route or in the town, cheered the graduates from the bottom of their hearts as they paraded past.


Graduation in Dunedin

After the parade, we all walked into the Dunedin Town Hall. The first thing I saw was the huge organ. I have no words to describe what I felt when I heard it – everyone was in awe as the organ played. Then, students glided from the entrance into their seats as the music played and their folks stood up and applauded harder and harder. When the graduates walked to the stage people couldn’t help but yell and scream for their family. Also, their lecturers stood up which was so inspiring for their lovely students.  

Graduation in Dunedin

At the end, everyone sang an anthem to the organ’s music. Lecturers and students finally said goodbye to each other as they left the hall with mixed emotions. Students may have felt happy because they had achieved their goals or they may have felt sad as Otago/New Zealand had become their home and they were reluctant to leave. 

Graduation Hall in Dunedin

I was moved by that day. I know how hard those graduates worked to achieve their results. I enjoyed the day not only because it was my cousin’s graduation but also, I think because I’m lucky to study in this country which has such great traditions. 

I’m lucky to study in this country which has such great traditions


By Percy ZhangChinese High School Student

Updated 4 years ago

Percy Zhang, from China, has recently completed his final year of study at Bayfield High School in Dunedin. Percy is going to the University of Otago this year to study for a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences. Whilst in New Zealand Percy has won many awards at school and has also learnt to snowboard and ride a horse. “I enjoy every moment living in New Zealand.”

*Views expressed are the blogger's own


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