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Vocational Education Looks To The Future

Vocational education in New Zealand is changing to create a more unified and future-focussed system that aims to benefit both students and employers.

The New Zealand Government’s Reform of Vocational Education will bring together New Zealand's 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) to create the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, which will continue to be state-owned and funded. 

The reforms will take time and Education New Zealand will continue to work with the Reform of Vocational Education team throughout the transition to ensure everyone is kept informed.

What does this mean for international students?

If you're planning to enrol in an ITP:

The changes should have minimal effect on your study plans. You can confidently enrol at your education provider of choice in 2019 and 2020, including for multi-year programmes. 

Depending on how long your programme is, your qualification or credential may be awarded by the institution you enrolled with, or by the new Institute. 

If you're currently enrolled in an ITP:

If you are currently studying at an ITP in New Zealand, there will be little change in the immediate future.

Existing programmes, qualifications and credentials will continue to be recognised internationally. International student wellbeing remains a priority and pastoral care provision will not change. 

Any approved visas and study arrangements will remain. Work is underway to ensure the visa status of international learners in ITPs will be transitioned over to the new Institute when it is established without additional administrative or financial burden. 

More information

More information about the reforms is available on the Education Conversation website.

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Updated 9 months ago

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