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From left to right: Gianluca, Hanna and Emely won scholarships to study at school in New Zealand

I AM NEW Scholarship Winners 2019

Meet this year's scholarship recipients: Gianluca, Hannah and Emely will travel to New Zealand in 2020 to study at secondary school and experience a new way of life.

The 2019 I AM NEW scholarship was open to high school students from France, Germany and Italy, to study at a New Zealand high school for a minimum of ten weeks.

Each scholarship provides NZ $15,000 (approximately €8,500) to contribute to tuition, school-related costs and living expenses.

Gianluca from Italy, Hannah from France, and Emely from Germany are looking forward to starting their study adventures on the other side of the world!

Emely Soffel, from Germany

Emely Soffel won a scholarship to study at school in New Zealand

Emely is from Otterbach, a village near Keiserslautern in the south-western part of Germany. She is looking forward to some NEW thinking in New Zealand.

“I would get to know a new culture that will change my view of the world. I am fascinated with the Māori concept of manaakitanga, and I firmly believe that sharing and collaborating are important prerequisites for peaceful and social coexistence. I will learn to think more creatively and critically through the change of perspective.”

Hannah Klein, from France

Hannah Klein won a scholarship to study at school in New Zealand

Hannah lives in Nancy in the northeast of France. 

Like her two brothers before her, Hannah wants to travel and become a world citizen. “I feel like an explorer who is going to discover a NEW country and a NEW culture.”

She is looking forward to the opportunity to choose her courses according to what interests her, such as photography, business and music. “It will help me find my way and improve my self-confidence. It is a real chance to build my future.”

Gianluca Fuschi, from Italy

Gianluca Fuschi won a scholarship to study at school in New Zealand

Gianluca is from Treviso, near Venice in northern Italy.

He wants to study in New Zealand so he can improve his English. He says, “the knowledge of a foreign language is very important nowadays and it literally opens your mind to other countries and cultures.”

Look out for new scholarship opportunities here on the Study in New Zealand website.

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Updated 3 years ago

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