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Study Adventure of a Lifetime

It has been ten years since I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and I have been working since then. I thought I had already built the career that I wanted, but deep inside I felt like I wanted to do more.

So, every time I got the chance to have a vacation, I traveled. My husband and I are fearless when it comes to taking on adventures. The first time we got to travel to an international country, we instantly felt the urge to take on more adventures. We have traveled to a number of countries which has opened our eyes to the endless opportunities for adventures. Truly the world is full of beauty, wonders and excitingly different cultures that we want to discover and learn more about.

We got married two years ago. However, our marriage did not stop us from settling down in one place; instead, it led to us adding to our life’s adventure. I wanted to further my education abroad and he gave me his 100% support straightaway. The best part is he came with me, which means we get to travel while I am studying.

I chose New Zealand for plenty of reasons. One of which is, I wanted to get an education that is internationally recognised, while having the time of our lives creating more adventures. There is no other country that offered my the same opportunity.

Study-work-life balance

As a student, and as a traveler, this country allows me to do so many things in one day. Coming from a very busy city in my home country, I never thought that a school, work, and life-balance is possible in one country. This means in between free time from school and work, I get to discover not just the city where I live in, but also its neighbouring towns and cities. In less than six months of staying here as a student, I have already travelled to more than 10 beautiful towns and cities in this country. Also, whenever I get pressured and stressed from school assessments, there is nature and adventures to help me distress and refresh. The beauty and tranquility of this country allows me to enjoy life while fulfilling my responsibilities and ambitions. Plus, the people are amazingly friendly.

Adjustments and rewards

Unequivocally, being an international student is full of challenges and excitements. It can be overwhelming. There are few adjustments to be made. It tests my ability to adapt to new environment, new styles of education, and to diverse cultures. However, the rewards are numerous. I do not just gain knowledge for the course that I am taking, but it gives me the opportunity to discover myself and my abilities. I am gaining better understanding of the country, its cultures and other cultures from other international students. Most importantly, there is the extra benefit of meeting new friends from different backgrounds and create lasting relationships with them which is rewarding.

I've just finished my course in Postgraduate Management in Business - Level 8 - at Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology in Rotorua, New Zealand and I am graduating this March. I am certain that I can use this study experience for the next stage of my life’s journey. This experience is simply incredible. This I call - a study adventure of my life!

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Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology in Rotorua

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Jumping for joy at Mt Manganui


My husband gave me his 100% support straightaway


By Alicia Casiño-AngFilipino Postgraduate Diploma Student

Updated 3 years ago

Alicia, from the Philippines, came to New Zealand with her husband. She is studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Business)- Level 8 - at Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology in Rotorua. Alicia plans to use her study experience for "the next stage of my life’s journey."

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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