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A Bit About Wellington Coffee

Named the coffee capital of New Zealand, Wellington has more cafés per capita than New York.

Why is this? First, because Wellingtonians love their coffee and consider it as convenience-everyday goods; second they need a boost in the morning to fuel the rest of their busy day. Not to mention, they do make some of the best coffee in the world (CNN, 2014) to show that there is no compromise between a great coffee and a super-fast service.

Most people buy a takeaway cup of coffee on their way to work, and students, if they are not late for class, stick around to have some breakfast. For Wellingtonians, coffee is not just a drink, it’s a religion and therefore, it’s hard to find a bad coffee in Wellington!

Unlike coffee in Vietnam, strong and rich drip coffee with sweetened condensed milk, Wellington baristas blend their coffee beans as you order and offer add-ons, i.e. steamed milk and sugar, before making it. Some top orders are: Flat White, Long Black, Cappuccino, etc, and they are not as strong as Vietnamese coffee, except for a Short Black.

If you travel to Wellington and even better, if you're not in a hurry, do order a coffee, sit back and enjoy the best of Wellington in a cup!

Check out some of Wellington’s most popular shops:

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By Hien NguyenVietnamese Graduate

Updated 1 month ago

Originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hien Nguyen is a graduate from Victoria University where he majored in Strategic Management, Project Management, and Marketing Strategy.

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