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Arrival Tips for Studying in New Zealand

Arrive early

My partner and I arrived in Auckland a month prior to our studies began, so we could adapt and get to know the city, learn how to move around and find a place to live that was affordable and close to our places of study.

It’s already been four months since our arrival and looking back this was a great idea. We quickly got very comfortable with the city and the way of life: getting a mobile number, opening a bank account, commuting (public transport may not be sharp sometimes, but it’s really good) or doing the groceries.

International student at private training establishment, AIS

Outside my place of study, AIS

Finding a place to live

Finding a place to live is often the hardest part (rent and utilities are not cheap), so you have to invest some time finding the right place so you can optimise your budget  as every dollar counts!

Online websites such as TradeMe and the main real estate companies in the city are the best way to start looking. Then you can visit the accommodation to see it in person. Also always ask for terms and conditions on each rental – flatshare agreement and/or periodic/permanent tenancy.

Until you settle down, starting to look for a part-time job so you can earn some money to help your finances is also a good idea.

NZ Piha Beach

Piha beach

Why New Zealand

We chose New Zealand for several reasons; my partner is from Colombia and she loves nature and beaches while I am more of a mountain and snow person. New Zealand is the perfect destination for both of us! Furthermore, we do not have any kids yet so this is the perfect time to travel and experience a totally different culture, in a different country that I have never been to.

NZ Milford Beach

Milford beach

Future pathway

I was born and raised in Argentina and also hold Austrian citizenship. I have a background in aerospace engineering of 15 years plus. I started my own consulting company in Argentina so I wanted to improve my knowledge in business and management in general. The business administration programme at AIS seems to match my requirements and my passion for further study because it provides hands-on experience in the industry and practical learning processes.

My long-term goals and plans are flexible. I am open to opportunities in New Zealand or other countries as well as in my country back home. I would like to combine my previous experience in engineering and business to contribute to the industry. 


By Maximiliano PloderPostgraduate Diploma Argentinian Student

Updated 4 months ago

Maximiliano Ploder, from Argentina, is studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) at AIS in Auckland. Max and his Colombian partner chose to study in New Zealand for the travel opportunities and to experience a different culture.

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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